Company “Edwood”

From the very beginning created as a family business, the company «Edwood» for long years, its work has always differed attentive and meticulous attitude to create furniture from selecting material of the valuable species of trees, among which a special place occupies an exclusive line of products made of bog oak, lain in water for hundreds of years, having acquired thanks to this unique, fascinating structure and functionality unrivaled quality.

You enchant in a fascinating game of natural wood fibers that pleases the eye and meets your aesthetic requirements and having touched a hand on a smooth, soft and silky surface of our furniture, you get the whole range of the most pleasant tactile sensations and appreciate high skill of our professionals, who have put all their knowledge and love for wood working for you.

Like our  relatives, we offer only the best and the company «Edwood» has carefully selected for you only the wood of the highest ecological properties that are guaranteed by the purity of the soil and air areas where the trees are grown. And exactly like а narrow family circle,  our products are produced in limited small exclusive collections, each piece of which is unique thanks to the original structure of the wood, which can not be repeated. It means that you will become the owner of the unique furniture, issued in a single copy only for you and your family, bringing into your home the quality of professionals  whose skills are tested by timeand an artful design that reflects all the latest trends in the world.